Quiddich, Cli-Fi Among New Words In Oxford Dictionary

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World | Press Trust of India | Updated: April 12, 2017 18:46 IST


LONDON: Quiddich, a dream don played in J K Rowling’s supernatural Harry Potter frachise, alongside words like ‘cli-fi’ and “showmance” are among more than 40 new augmentations in the most recent refresh of the Oxford Dictionary.

The non-otherworldly cycle of Quiddich has been around for barely ten years, beginning at Middlebury College in Vermont, and is played with broomsticks held between the legs.

Likewise getting away from the domains of fiction to join this present reality is the word cromulent – signifying “worthy or sufficient” – which was initially utilized more than a quarter century in The Simpsons as a descriptor of “embiggen” utilized as a part of an etching on a statue of the town originator.

Embiggen is another expansion from the most recent refresh, however is not by any means new to the English dialect. Investigate demonstrates it was utilized as far back as the late nineteenth century, as per an Oxford Dictionary blog entry.

The word did not by any means spread into regular use until its appearance in The Simpsons, yet has stuck around for the mediating a quarter century.

Essentially straddling the line amongst reality and fiction is the new word ‘showmance’. This alludes to a sentimental connection between co-stars, yet especially one devised for reputation.

Latte workmanship – outlines made via precisely pouring steamed drain onto the drink’s surface – was likewise incorporated into the new refresh.

Another new word ‘Mary Sue’ alludes to “a kind of female character who is portrayed as unreasonably ailing in blemishes or shortcomings”, and was utilized initially in fan fiction before spreading out to more broad utilization.

The Mary Sue from which the word is determined was a character in a work of 1973 Star Trek fan fiction that spoofed works including such characters.

‘Cli-fi’ alludes to the class of fiction investigating issues around environmental change and a dangerous atmospheric devation, and is designed according to its hypernym science fiction.

With the development of worries about the earth, there have been changes to existing works on, offering ascend to words like “agroecology” to portray the ‘use of environmental standards to horticultural frameworks.’