Thailand’s Buddhist Smart ID Cards

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updated: July 14,2017 17:55 IST

Buddhist monks and Thais line up to offer condolences after King Bhumibol's death. (Photo | AP)
Buddhist monks and Thais line up to offer condolences after King Bhumibol’s death. (Photo | AP)

BANGKOK: Thailand’s Buddhist friars could soon be issued “brilliant ID cards” hailing any medication or criminal records, in the most recent move by the junta to reestablish the discolored picture of the men in orange robes.

The kingdom has around 300,000 friars, who are held in high view as attendants of the national religion.

Be that as it may, as of late the pastorate has been tormented by a progression of prominent embarrassments extending from sex and medications to murders occurring at sanctuaries.

The junta, which took control in 2014, needs to revamp Thai Buddhism with making trouble friars first in their line of sight.

“Friars the nation over as of now hold the paper-based cards yet the data is outdated, which makes it difficult to check their experience,” Ormsin Chivapruck, an authority at the Office of the Prime Minister, told columnists today.

Digitalised keen cards would empower a la mode following with the minister’s ascetic history recorded close by any criminal offense or report of medication utilize, he included.

The move is “to avert fake ministers utilizing religion, or suspected Cretans from concealing their unlawful demonstrations behind orange robes,” he included.

Points of interest will be talked about one week from now at a meeting of the Supreme Sangha Council, the body overseeing the national confidence.

Be that as it may, rollout of shrewd cards might be convoluted as every single Thai me are relied upon by social tradition to appoint for no less than half a month.

Faultfinders say the unbending chain of importance of the Supreme Sangha Council makes it unfit to counter defilement or grasp change.

The administration has officially constrained more than 46,000 sanctuaries to present their money related records, in the midst of cases of boundless anomalies.

The most celebrated friar embarrassment played out not long ago as troops looked through the sanctuary of the super rich Dhammakaya order on the edges of Bangkok, to capture the disputable previous abbot who is blamed for tax evasion.